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Recent Developments in Embryo Transfer

By: Leonard Roosevelt

Description : Embryo transfer is one of the steps in the entire procedure of assisted reproduction. One of the most prolific high-end enterprises today is the embryo transfer domain. This book ... more

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Protein-Protein Interactions

By: Anton Torres

Description : Proteins have been the focus of researches for decades. Proteins are vital in almost all biological procedures. The functions of proteins are synchronized through complex regulato... more

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Protein Phosphorylation

By: Michelle McGuire

Description : This book compiles important information regarding protein phosphorylation and human health contributed by veteran scientists. The book elucidates the most significant research to... more

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Protein Kinases: Current Progress

By: Michelle McGuire

Description : This extensive book provides information regarding the current progress in protein kinases. Proteins are the hardest working part of a cell. As controllers of protein function, pr... more

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Protein Kinases: Comprehensive Researches

By: Michelle McGuire

Description : This book of advanced researches aims to serve as a resource guide in the field of protein kinases. The aim of this book is to educate readers on protein kinases. As regulators of... more

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Protein Interactions: Selected Topics

By: Anton Torres

Description : Protein interactions are being studied by researchers across the globe. This book presents the interaction between proteins and other biomolecules, which is crucial to all feature... more

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Protein Interactions: Research and Development

By: Anton Torres

Description : This book, written by renowned experts, provides advanced researches and concepts in the field of protein interactions. The book presents the interaction between proteins and othe... more

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New Frontiers in Biochemistry

By: Oliver Stone

Description : Over the years, biochemistry has become significant in classifying living processes, so much so that many scientists in the field of life sciences are involved in biochemical rese... more

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Lipoproteins: Current Concepts

By: Caroline Gardner

Description : This book elucidates the current concepts evolving in the area of lipoproteins. Searching for the word "lipoprotein" in the databases of Medline or PubMed, one gets more than 100,... more

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Lipid Peroxidation: Current Topics

By: Donna Thompson

Description : Lipid peroxidation is essentially the oxidative degradation of lipids. This book focuses on current advances made in lipid peroxidation. The data compiled in this book has been co... more

Results 1 - 10 of 185