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Primary Healthcare and Family Medicine

By: Kelly Ward

Description : Primary healthcare is a field dedicated to making essential healthcare accessible to every individual across the globe. Family medicine is a specialty under the umbrella of primar... more

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Nursing: Theory, Skills and Practice

By: Cynthia Wison

Description : Nursing is a paramedical profession within healthcare system. It aims at training professionals for providing care for families, communities, and individuals to help them recover ... more

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Nursing Practice and Healthcare

By: Cynthia Wison

Description : This book traces the progress of the field of nursing, its practice and associated healthcare. It highlights some of its key concepts and applications. Nursing falls under the bra... more

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Hepatitis: An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease

By: Amelia Foster

Description : Hepatitis is the inflammatory condition of liver usually caused by viral, parasitic and bacterial infection but there may be other causes related to it. There can be different typ... more

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Addiction: Diagnosis and Treatment

By: Don Boles

Description : Addiction is a medical condition. It is a disease characterized by compulsive behavior. Excessive exposure to addictive substances such as alcohol, morphine, etc is the primary ca... more

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Addiction: A Global Overview

By: Don Boles

Description : Some of us knowingly or unknowingly indulge into some habits which eventually lead to addiction over a period of time. Addiction is the stronger form of habit which can be referre... more

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A Clinician's Guide to Primary Healthcare

By: Kelly Ward

Description : The objective of primary health care is easily accessible health care facilities for all. It also tries to ensure clean and improved environment to prevent health hazards. The aim... more

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Public Health: Principles, Policies and Practices

By: Charline Ryler

Description : Public health refers to the practice of promoting better health education, researching new innovative methods to cure diseases, enforcing laws and regulations to provide health ca... more

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Public Health: Global Perspectives

By: Abby Calvin

Description : Public health is the combination of all the measures required for the facilitation of health and prevention of disease. It makes an effort to provide complete care through surveil... more

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Public Health: Concerns and Strategies

By: Charline Ryler

Description : This book traces the progress of the field of public health and highlights some of its key concepts and applications. As a branch of science public health deals with protecting an... more

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