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Viral Replication

By : Igor Melnikov

Description : The aim of this book is to educate the readers about the process of viral replication with the help of comprehensive information. It offers a compilation of descriptive reviews re... more

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Parasitology Handbook

By : Henry Evans

Description : Parasitology is a well-known and established area that deals with a variety of subjects, varying from, the basics - study of life cycle, ecology, epidemiology, taxonomy, biodivers... more

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Immunodeficiency: Therapy, Mechanism and Model

By : Gabriel Murray

Description : The therapy, mechanism as well as model of immunodeficiency are described in this all-inclusive book. It sheds light on one of the most common medical issues, which, unfortunately... more

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By : Jim Wang

Description : This book highlights some latest researches regarding the field of histocompatibility for a broad spectrum of readers interested in this field including scientists as well as vete... more

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Handbook of Antimicrobial Agents

By : Leslie Hunt

Description : An antimicrobial agent is an agent that kills microorganisms or restricts their growth. This book talks about a wide range of topics, stressing on various antibacterial agents wit... more

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Handbook of Antibacterial Agents

By : Joerg Porter

Description : This book talks about a wide range of topics from various antibacterial agents with clinical outlook and options, to artificial antibacterial agents through thorough reviews of il... more

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Encyclopedia of Salmonella: Volume V (Infections, Control and Concerns)

By : Alan Klein

Description : Salmonella is described as a bacterium that occurs primarily in the gut, especially a serotype causing food poisoning. There are more than 2,500 serotypes of salmonella in existen... more

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Encyclopedia of Salmonella: Volume IV (Researches and Case Studies)

By : Alan Klein

Description : Salmonella comprises of two species (enterica and bongori) and is said to be an intensely variegated genus which infects a variety of hosts. This group is made up of 2579 serovars... more

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Encyclopedia of Salmonella: Volume III (Diverse Topics)

By : Alan Klein

Description : This book presents new developments and researches in the field of salmonella from across the globe. Salmonella comprises of two species (enterica and bongori) and is said to be a... more

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Encyclopedia of Salmonella: Volume II (Advanced Concepts)

By : Alan Klein

Description : Salmonella have continued to exist for more than 100 years now. Researchers and experts have been tirelessly making efforts to control salmonellae since the discovery of salmonell... more

Results 1 - 10 of 25