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Telomere Biology

By : Jerome Fucile

Description : This book extensively discusses the biology of telomere with the help of advanced information. Developments in telomere researches have provided an interrelation of telomere dysfu... more

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Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes

By : Ralph Becker

Description : This book gives emphasis to the various applications of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs) in various studies. The topics presented are - using BAC libraries as assets for th... more

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Advances in Immunolabeling and Related Fields

By : Nessa Oka

Description : Immunolabeling has emerged as a useful technique in pharmacology, biochemistry and other fields of science and technology. This book provides specialized data regarding diverse tr... more

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Advanced Techniques in Immunoassays

By : Jim Wang

Description : Immunoassays are introduced in this book in a very sophisticated and concise manner. From the elementary in vitro analysis of a particular biomolecule to the diagnosis or prognosi... more

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Cellular and Molecular Immunology

By : Sean Willard

Description : Immunology is the science of immune systems. Some widely studied aspects of this field include immune deficiency, functioning of the immune system, transplant rejection, etc. The ... more

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Introduction to Virology

By : Paul Mahoney

Description : The study of viruses is known as virology. It focuses on the structure, evolution and behavior of viruses. Studying them is vital, as they cause various infectious diseases like d... more

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Microbial Physiology: A Practical Approach

By : Elsa Cooper

Description : Microbial physiology studies the cell structure, metabolism and genetic structure of microorganisms. The fundamental concern of this subject is to understand the characteristics o... more

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Microbiology: Concepts and Applications

By : David Cooke

Description : Microbiology studies living organisms like viruses, protozoa and bacteria. The subfields of microbiology include bacteriology, parasitology, immunology, mycology, protozoology, vi... more

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Progress and Trends in Microbial Engineering

By : Ralph Becker

Description : Microbial engineering is the study of microorganisms and microbial ecology. Microbial engineering has applications in varied areas such as industrial fermentation, microbial degra... more

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Recent Progress in Parasitology

By : Henry Evans

Description : Parasitology studies parasites, their interaction with each other and with hosts. This book on parasitology presents researches and studies performed by experts from across the gl... more

Results 1 - 10 of 11