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Food Science, Health and Nutrition

By : Logan Bowman

Description : Food science is the science dedicated to the study of food and its characteristics. Nutrition is the science that exemplifies the interaction of nutrients and other substances in ... more

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Food and Nutrition: A Health Perspective

By : Dave Stewart

Description : This book on food and nutrition deals with the right practices that maintain human health, growth and well-being. Nutrition and dietetics provide dietary patterns that can allevia... more

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Food Allergy: Diagnosis and Management

By : Kevin Parker

Description : Hypersensitivity to certain food items causes food allergy. Certain foods such as peanuts, eggs and milk are the most common allergens. This book on food allergy deals with themes... more

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Essentials of Food Science and Nutrition

By : Lisa Jordan

Description : Food science refers to the study of quality, processing, chemical traits and physical traits and deterioration of food. It unifies the elements of biochemistry, microbiology and c... more

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Current Topics in Nutrition and Dietetics

By : Dave Stewart

Description : Nutrition is defined as the science of interaction between nutrients in relation to an organism’s growth, wellbeing and disease. This book on nutrition and dietetics discusses top... more

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Nutrition, Food Safety and Health

By : Dorothy Green

Description : Nutrition deals with studying the interaction of nutrients and their effect on growth and maintenance of the body. Food safety is the branch of science that deals with the effecti... more

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Food Microbiology

By : Dorothy Green

Description : Food microbiology focuses on microbes that have both favourable and undesirable effects on the safety and quality of food. This book aims to understand the multiple branches that ... more

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Nutrition: Health and Metabolism

By : Dave Stewart

Description : Nutrition is the branch of science that studies the effect of nutrients present in food on the growth and health of living organisms. Nutrition improves and maintains health and m... more

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Nutrition and Metabolism

By : Dave Stewart

Description : Nutrition studies the interaction of nutrients with other substances present in food while metabolism deals with biochemical transformations occurring inside body cells. They toge... more

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Food Industry: Research and Development

By : Lisa Jordan

Description : Food being the most important of all biological needs stands first on the list of things required for survival. Food has undergone several changes owing to huge transformations in... more

Results 1 - 10 of 10