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Remote Sensing: Technology and Applied Principles

By : Matt Weilberg

Description : Remote sensing has developed by leaps and bounds in the 20th century. This has helped in developing efficient and reliable navigation technologies, weather predictions that benefi... more

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Principles of Paleoclimatology

By : Andrew Hyman

Description : The study of the weather and weather patterns enable researchers to record and analyze climate change as it unfolds in a particular region over a period of time. This research hel... more

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Planetary Science: Emerging Concepts and Applications

By : Joe Carry

Description : This book traces the progress of planetary science and highlights some of its key concepts and applications. Celestial bodies like planets, moons, gas giants, micrometeoroids, etc... more

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Oceanography: Understanding Oceans

By : Theodore Roa

Description : The aim of this book is to present researches that have transformed the discipline of oceanography, which deals with the study of ocean. From theories to research to practical app... more

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Natural Hazards: Impacts and Analysis

By : Cathy Hogan

Description : Natural hazards are the events occurring in nature which affect the civilization and environment in a harmful way. The two main types of natural hazards are geographical hazards l... more

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Marine Geology

By : Suzy Bullock

Description : Marine geology is an emerging field of study which is highly beneficial in understanding the formation of sea floor and plate tectonics. This field is interdisciplinary in nature ... more

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Marine and Aquatic Sciences

By : Jeremy Harper

Description : The disciplines of marine and aquatic science deal with the regulation and promotion of aquatic life and the ecological regions that encompass the aquatic ecosystem, the limnologi... more

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Global Climate Change

By : Vivian Moritz

Description : Global climate change is an extensive field of study focusing on the changes and alterations that takes place in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over a period of ... more

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Geosciences: Novel Concepts, Technologies and Applications

By : Jacques Howard

Description : Geoscience is an interdisciplinary field of study. It employs tools from varied fields such as mathematics, physics etc. to form a better understanding of the diverse aspects such... more

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Disaster Management: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques

By : Cathy Hogan

Description : Disaster management is concerned with minimizing the adverse effects of natural as well as manmade disasters. This involves devising strategies and developing programs to mitigate... more

Results 1 - 10 of 25