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Encyclopedia of Air Pollution

By: Raven Brennan

Description : The crucial problem of air pollution has always been of great concern. It has been a major environmental problem and an issue of global interest for many years. High concentration... more

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Air Quality Monitoring

By: Bernie Goldman

Description : This book is primarily designed for readers keen to enhance their knowledge in air quality and its various monitoring methods. It presents studies on the interrelation between fun... more

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Air Quality Handbook

By: Bernie Goldman

Description : This book provides an introduction to various aspects of air quality. It contains several chapters dealing with air pollution; a topic of importance for experts in universities an... more

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Air Pollution

By: Chuck Lancaster

Description : Air is all around us. We are dependent on it for our existence. In the past few decades, the number of pollutants in the air has increased which has caused a disturbance in the en... more

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Air Pollution: Monitoring and Assessment

By: Bernie Goldman

Description : Air pollution is the existence of harmful substances that are found in the air. It causes a number of diseases and allergies which can in some cases cause death. There are various... more

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Handbook of Biosphere

By: Anne Offit

Description : Biosphere is a constantly researched sphere of study. This book presents researches about the evaluation of origins, development, ecosystems and resource utilization patterns of t... more

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Global Environmental Change: Modern Insights

By: Rosemary Charles

Description : Mounting evidence reveals that environments around the globe are undergoing some drastic changes. Environmental transformation is increasingly considered a crucial subject for sci... more

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Global Environmental Change

By: Rosemary Charles

Description : Environmental transformation is increasingly considered a crucial subject for scientists across various disciplines, as well as policy makers around the globe. Mounting evidence r... more

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Global Diversity in a Changing Environment

By: Anne Offit

Description : The global diversity in a changing environment has been elucidated in this insightful book. The dynamic interactions between biotic, abiotic and also the anthropic factors substan... more

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Eminent Topics in Conservation Biology

By: Neil Griffin

Description : Conservation biology is an essential element for sustaining the biodiversity of this planet. Conservation biology is also known as "crisis discipline." In today's scenario, the wo... more

Results 1 - 10 of 275