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Water Treatment Handbook

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : Water is a limited resource which needs effective management. Economic growth, population escalation, and ecological pollution occurring in numerous parts of the world are placing... more

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Water Quality Management and Pollution Control: A Global Overview

By : Bruce Horak

Description : Water is a prerequisite for any form of life. The level of surface water quality protection is uneven around the world due to the relative efficiency of ecological instruction and... more

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Water Pollution: Concerns, Concepts and Analysis

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : This book discusses important issues related to water pollution which holds significant concern globally. Water is an essential natural resource which plays a key role in the ecol... more

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Water Pollution: A Global Concern

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : The growing concerns over availability of clean water have been elucidated in this insightful book. Water pollution is a significant problem globally that requires ongoing investi... more

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Water Management: A Futuristic Approach

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : A futuristic approach in water management has been discussed in this descriptive book. It is estimated that there is nearly 1.4 billion km3 of water in this world but only about 3... more

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Water Conservation Handbook

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : A collection of various perspectives on the conservation and management policies of water has been presented in this unique book. Water is an essential and basic human need for ur... more

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Hydrology and Sustainable Water Resources

By : William Sobol

Description : This book brings forth both significant challenges in the sphere of water resource management and various approaches to resolving them. From drinking to agriculture, and sanitatio... more

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Ecological Water Treatment and Management

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : The pollution of aquatic environment also reduces possible uses of water, especially those that require high quality standards i.e. for drinking purposes. This book discusses diff... more

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Integrated Approaches to Water Pollution and Control

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : The introduction of harmful pollutants into water bodies is known as water pollution. Sources of water pollution include point sources such as factories, non-point sources such as... more

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Water Pollution: Causes, Control and Treatment

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : Water pollution is a major problem faced by our world. The pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into the water bodies. Some of the ways of preventing or treating water... more

Results 1 - 10 of 11