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Waste Water Treatment: Activated Carbon and Other Methods

By : Alicia Brooks

Description : Waste water treatment is an important issue globally and the introduction of activated carbons as a tool for the same has significantly enhanced the efficiency of many waste water... more

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Waste Management: A Modern Approach

By : Victor Bonn

Description : A modern approach in the field of waste management has been extensively discussed in this profound book. Solid waste management poses significant challenges for society because of... more

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Sustainable Waste Management and Recycling

By : Victor Bonn

Description : The purpose of this book is to deal with various facets of waste material recycling. It contains different sections that elaborate on the roles of stakeholders, both informal and ... more

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Organic Waste Management

By : Victor Bonn

Description : This book presents research on the usage of organic waste through composting and vermicomposting, biogas production, recovery of waste materials and the chemistry involved in the ... more

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Handbook of Industrial Waste

By : Victor Bonn

Description : An elucidative account on industrial waste has been highlighted in this book. It focuses on the need for development of disposal methods for industrial wastes from various kinds o... more

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Integrated Waste Management: A Sustainable Approach

By : Dave Whittaker

Description : Waste management is a primary concern of today’s era. Waste has a negative impact on health and our environment. Household waste, municipal waste, sewage sludge, hazardous waste, ... more

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Solid Waste Management

By : Karen Hardt

Description : Solid waste amounts to the largest part of waste produced in the world. Therefore, its management and disposal is necessary. Solid waste management is a process through which wast... more

Results 1 - 7 of 7