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Mycotoxins and Food Safety

By : Margo Field

Description : Mycotoxins are toxic chemicals produced by bacteria bound on crops and can adversely affect the health at each tropic level. This book contains valuable information on the presenc... more

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Handbook of Aflatoxins

By : Debbie Harms

Description : Researches show that aflatoxins are responsible for deteriorating around 25% of the world's food crops. This book talks about several topics related to aflatoxin contamination, it... more

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Agricultural Environment and Food Safety

By : Margo Field

Description : Safety of food and agricultural products is a topic of essential interest in developing countries. This book talks about the policies dealing with both the latest advancements and... more

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Aflatoxins: Progress and Challenges

By : Debbie Harms

Description : Challenges and progress in the field of aflatoxins are described extensively in this book. It features latest developments in aflatoxins research from epidemiology to molecular ge... more

Results 1 - 4 of 4