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Sustaining Aquaculture

By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture has been growing rapidly, and future advancements will rely on the integration of scientific knowledge of varied fields such as molecular and cellular biology, and eco... more

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Latest Developments in Fish Farms

By : Roger Creed

Description : In this book, the latest developments and advancements for sustainable management of fish farms have been elucidated. Scientific knowledge is a prerequisite for assessing the stra... more

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Aquaculture Handbook

By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture is the practice of raising fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic species for commercial purposes. This book offers an insight into a diversity of topics related to aq... more

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Aquaculture and the Environment

By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture is the science of cultivating aquatic animals and plants in fresh or marine waters. It is the extended version of fishing, derived from the fact that harvests of wild ... more

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Aquaculture Systems and Engineering

By : Olando Martin

Description : The cultivation of fishes, algae and other aquatic organisms is known as aquaculture. It includes fish farming, algaculture, oyster farming, etc. The methods included in aquacultu... more

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Fisheries: Techniques and Management

By : Roger Creed

Description : A fishery is the business of raising fish for profit. This book on fisheries concentrates on techniques that promote sustainable amounts of fish harvesting. Some of the globally h... more

Results 1 - 6 of 6