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Wildlife Protection and Management

By : Martin Winter

Description : Wildlife protection is defined as the practice of protecting and preserving the wild plants and animals along with their habitat to ensure its safety for the future generation. Ma... more

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Wetland Ecosystems

By : Ewan Lewis

Description : Wetlands are areas that are saturated with water for most periods of a season. It becomes a distinct ecosystem due to the presence of hydric soil and unique vegetation that is fou... more

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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

By : Sarah Luck

Description : Environmental engineering studies the causes and impacts of environmental factors which negatively affect living organisms. It also delves deep into the activities leading to the ... more

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Water Pollution

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : A form of environmental degradation that occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly released into water without adequate treatment is known as water pollution. It is also r... more

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Water Hazards and Management

By : Sarah Luck

Description : The hazards related to water are called water hazards they are a subset of natural hazards. The planning and management of water resources for the judicious utilization of water i... more

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Waste Management and Environmental Health

By : Victor Bonn

Description : Waste management refers to the processes, methods and tools that are used in the handling and management of waste. This book on waste management deals with the challenges of waste... more

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Sustainable Water Resources: Development and Management

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : This book elucidates the concepts and innovative models around prospective developments with respect to sustainable water resources. Water crisis is a major concern of today’s wor... more

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Principles of Paleoecology

By : Anne Offit

Description : This book includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on various topics related to paleoecology. It strives to provide a fair idea about this disci... more

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Natural Resources: Ecology, Pollution and Management

By : Stacy Keach

Description : There has been a long standing debate on unequal allocation of resources owing to the increasing scarcity and shortages. This book covers in detail some existent theories and inno... more

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Natural Habitat Management

By : Jacob Wright

Description : Natural habitat management is defined as the conservation and preservation of natural habitat of plant and animal species that rely on conservation programs to survive and repopul... more

Results 1 - 10 of 62