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New Insights in Plant Protection

By : Clive Koelling

Description : This book presents various outcomes of recent studies and advancements regarding plant protection. Crop losses due to pests, including insects, diseases and weeds, have been preva... more

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New Frontiers in Plant In Vitro Culture

By : Clive Koelling

Description : Plant in vitro culture forms an essential part in the field of botany. This book serves the objective of presenting recent developments in the field of plant in vitro culture in r... more

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A Comprehensive Handbook of Plant Science

By : Bernard Watts

Description : Plant science or botany refers to the holistic study of plants including plant structure, plant reproduction, evolutionary relationships, plant growth, plant taxonomy, plant disea... more

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Botany and Plant Biology

By : Austin Balfour

Description : Botany is a branch of biology which studies plants. Some of the topics included in this subject are reproduction, plant diseases, plant taxonomy, structure and growth of plant and... more

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Handbook of Medicinal Plants

By : Daniel Livingston

Description : Medicinal herbs or medicinal plants have been used therapeutically for centuries. They have the chemicals which have pharmaceutical values and can been used to treat many ailments... more

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Plant Biochemistry: Concepts and Applications

By : Timothy Granger

Description : Plant biochemistry studies the chemical mechanisms of plants. It is an important field as it helps in explaining the molecular functions of a plant. Crop modification techniques l... more

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Plant Biotechnology: Genetic Modification of Plants

By : Isabelle Nickel

Description : Plant biotechnology has been practiced for decades. In present times it studies the cross-breeding, texture and color of plants and other mechanisms. It can be accomplished throug... more

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Plant Cell Biology: Structures and Functions

By : Agatha Wilson

Description : Plant cell biology studies plant cell structures and their functions. It concentrates on the metabolic and physiological processes that occur within the plant cell at the molecula... more

9781632399663 t fc

Plant Genetics

By : Ben Davies

Description : Plant genetics and plant breeding are rapidly expanding areas. The two main ways of genetically modifying plants are gene gun method and agrobacterium method. New scientific advan... more

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Plant Microbiology

By : Bill Docherty

Description : Plant microbiology is a branch of microbiology that studies the benefits of microorganisms found in the soil. Soil microorganisms provide nutrients, improve soil structure and red... more

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