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Handbook of Biosphere

By : Anne Offit

Description : Biosphere is a constantly researched sphere of study. This book presents researches about the evaluation of origins, development, ecosystems and resource utilization patterns of t... more

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Global Environmental Change: Modern Insights

By : Rosemary Charles

Description : Mounting evidence reveals that environments around the globe are undergoing some drastic changes. Environmental transformation is increasingly considered a crucial subject for sci... more

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Global Environmental Change

By : Rosemary Charles

Description : Environmental transformation is increasingly considered a crucial subject for scientists across various disciplines, as well as policy makers around the globe. Mounting evidence r... more

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Global Diversity in a Changing Environment

By : Anne Offit

Description : The global diversity in a changing environment has been elucidated in this insightful book. The dynamic interactions between biotic, abiotic and also the anthropic factors substan... more

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Eminent Topics in Conservation Biology

By : Neil Griffin

Description : Conservation biology is an essential element for sustaining the biodiversity of this planet. Conservation biology is also known as "crisis discipline." In today's scenario, the wo... more

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Current Researches in Biodiversity

By : Jason Hendon

Description : The world is a fascinating place, brimming with life. There are creatures of all shapes, sizes, food habits, breeding patterns, colors and appearances. For someone with an interes... more

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Biological Diversity and Sustainable Development

By : Anne Offit

Description : Biological diversity and sustainable development is an upcoming area of study which is undergoing rapid development in diverse sectors. This book includes interesting overviews an... more

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Biodiversity: Sustaining Life

By : Jason Hendon

Description : The understanding of the concept of biodiversity and its impact on various life forms is a complex study. In this book, using case studies and examples, constant effort has been m... more

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Biodiversity Loss in the 21st Century

By : Neil Griffin

Description : This book provides an overview of current knowledge and discusses some of the unanswered questions at the forefront of research in biodiversity. Every ecosystem is an intricate or... more

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Biodiversity Enrichment: Socio-Economic Impacts and Genetics

By : Neil Griffin

Description : The book broadly covers agricultural aspects, socio-economic impacts and genetics. The complexity of the association has been approached from various angles, taking into account t... more

Results 1 - 10 of 15